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‘I Am You’ by Cicely Vance

I Am You products are very different from what the average consumer is used to. I Am You All Natural Collection are 100% plant based – including the preservative. The shampoos are suds-free and the hair proteins contain live foods.


We got to interview one of our favorite people not only is she an Author, but she’s also a Publicist and recently she added a new Title. Ladies and Gentleman the Founder of ‘I Am You’ Ms. Cicely ‘Cece’ Vance.

Her book ‘The Life Struggles of a Celebrity Publicist is about her life’s journey. “ As I left my hometown I learned a lot of valuable lessons, some more than once. I took a two day trip on a Grey Hound to ‘The Big Apple’ soon after I started my journey into the music world.”

As a Publicist it’s her job to is to make sure her clients constantly stay in the spotlight in a good way but also coaching them as they turn their brand’s and businesses in the right direction after a few mistakes.

“My brand means everything to me. It’s my image, it’s what people see and believe about me from the first hello to the final goodbye. I follow 5 simple rules when I think about and work on building my brand:

B – Believe in yourself and others will follow. 

R – Reputation 

A – Authenticity builds trust. 

N – Name recognition comes from personal 


D – Determination equals success. 

We wanted to know what she would tell aspiring celebrities in training and she said, “My advice is simple. Learn the industry. Do your research because there are so many free tools for you to use and google being one of the greatest. You don’t wake up and think you know the business. You wake up and research the business.”

Social Media is one of the greatest tools in a lot of people’s success lately. Ms. Vance said, “Social Media is the new online street team.’ Everyone is on social media and you can meet your target audience instantly never pay for a marketing company if you can do it for free on your own.”

Now, down to what’s new from Ms. Vance ‘I Am You’ inspired by the struggle to find good all natural hair care products. “I have been natural for four years now and I love it, but I really just got sick of buying these products that didn’t work for my hair. They either left my hair really hard or left a white residue in my hair. Most importantly my hair was always dry in appearance.”

In 2015 Cece found her stride while doing research, learning more about all natural products, and figuring out what worked best for her hair. It took two years to develop the organic line and in 2016 it officially launched and is now sold in on as well as 

I Am You products are very different from what the average consumer is used to. I Am You All Natural Collection are 100% plant based – including the preservative. The shampoos are suds-free and the hair proteins contain live foods. To maintain the authenticity of our brand we only work with companies that share our vision. I Am You builds loyalty by providing products that work. We let the results speak for themselves.


I Am You has released five products that

everyone, not just women, can enjoy.

No Knot Conditioning Cleanser: Who says suds are needed for deep cleansing? Moisturize, cleanse, and melt away all knots and tangles with super hydrating conditioning cleanser.

Lather-less and oil-free moisture for all hair types. This creamy cleanser revitalizes the hair and scalp with organic fruit extracts and leaves hair soft and manageable for days!

2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner: Low-Poo or No-Poo, why choose? I Am You 2 in 1 Cleanser combines the best of both worlds! With a perfect blend of mild surfactants and deep conditioning moisturizers, this moisturizing cleanser promises to leave hair clean and soft with just one wash!

Toasted Marshmallow & Ginger Twisting Cream: Snap those coils back into shape with our extra moisturizing twisting cream. Completely glycerin-free, this thick and rich conditioning cream is formulated as a beauty concoction for your curly tresses.

Infused with marshmallow and ginger root, our Toasted Marshmallow & Ginger Snap Back Twisting Cream conditions the hair and scalp from root to tip. Perfect for adding moisture and shine to dull hair while providing soft yet firm hold for any and all twist out styles.

Pineapple & Kalahari Hair Smoothie: Treat your hair to a tropical indulgence with our Pineapple & Kalahari Hair Smoothie!

Rich in pineapple, with the added benefits of shea and watermelon seed oil, this ultra moisturizing two in one leave in conditioner is guaranteed to leave hair moisturized and detangled with a luminous shine!

Edge Control Balm: 

Our new I Am You Edge Control Balm has become one of our best sellers even before it’s debut! An ultra moisturizing and softening edge control balm for slicking back stubborn edges and taming flyaways, this water based pomade not only leaves edges smooth and conditioned with great hold but also provides a glossy shine without weighing down the hair.

She’s currently working on a growth Serum and oil as well as working on a men’s line. “It’s important to me to always be on the cutting edge and to continuously provide I Am You Girlies/Men with a product they can rely on!” – Cicely 

She’d like to thank her product ambassadors Vivian Williams, Katrina White, Inette Wright, Vernetta Hamlett, Tarenesha Roberts, Jennifer Simpson and Chrystal Lewis 

She’d like to thank her clients for trusting her with their careers.

Her biggest supports are her mother, Aunt Doris and Aunt Beverly they’re the reason why she’s come so far in life. 

Find her on twitter and instagram @CeceVancePR as well as @IamYouNatural



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