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Mario Beats – @IamMarioBeats


We had the pleasure of interviewing Alaska’s Most Wanted – producers MarioBeats.

Currently, he’s a student at Clark Atlanta University when he’s not hitting the books he’s studying music. “ If I”m not making a beat for the day or something then I go online and read about other producers, watch interviews, tutorial videos, anything to do with music so I can keep learning everything I possibly can about something I Love.” He has produced tracks with Migos, Ralo, Bow Wow, Keyshia Cole, Travis Porter, Skooly, Skippa Da Flippa, Dae Dae, Short Dawg & more.

HIs musical influence comes from all over. “I can get high, see the sun shining, outside and get inspired.” He grew up listening to artist like Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Slick Rick, Murs and Lil Wayne. He’s also influenced by newer artist like Metro Boomin, DJ Spinz, Southside as well as Future.

We asked him about the first song he memorized word for word he said, ‘Slick Rick’s Children’s Play’ “ My dad use to play Slick right a lot around the house because of his story telling ability. It was clean so it was okay for sister and me to listen to.

We talked about balancing life and music where he took a moment to brag about his sixteen-month-old son. “I have to make sacrifices for what’s important. I try to get everything done and out of the way as soon as possible so I can focus on music. Sometimes I’m making beats from 1 am until 4-5AM then I get back up at 7:30 AM to start my day again.”


You’ll never find him complaining about his workload he said, “ I sat down and prayed every night for this. I really can’t complain. If you want to be the best you have to be willing to do whatever everyone else isn’t willing to do.”

Outside of music his biggest hero and supporter is his mother. “I’ve seen her struggle day in and day out with my own two eyes. She always makes it out of situations for the better. I honestly don’t know how she does it, but I’ve stopped questioning it and spend my time praying that she understands what I’m doing is paying off and I’ll be able to get her whatever she wants and needs.”

We love asking artist and producers thoughts on the current state of music. Everyone’s opinion on the subject is so different. Mario said, ‘The current state of music is just whatever, It’s left up to whoever is listening to it at the moment. There’s so much music out there that you can’t place anything or anyone in a category based off a few song here and there.”

In the future, he would love to collaborate with no one other than Future or Scott Storch. He said, “Collaborating with people in the music industry isn’t easy. Some people aren’t who they portray themselves to be.”

When he’s not working, spending time with his son or studying you’ll find him occasionally watching Fresh Prince or A Different world while enjoying his favorite meal from American Deli – Wings and a Peach Soda “ I don’t really watch televisions, but if I do those two shows are it.”

He’s currently working on several projects with Quez aka Black Boe from Travis Porter, Dae, Dae, Bow Wow and Skooly.


You can find more from MarioBeats on twitter & Instagram @IAmMarioBeats


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