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Author – Maverick Ice @IAmMaverickIce

We had the pleasure of interviewing Author Maverick Ice behind the books ‘All Men Tell Lies’ 1st and 2nd Edition.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Author Maverick Ice behind the books ‘All Men Tell Lies’ 1st and 2nd Edition.

‘In his book, he shares his life’s lessons as he regales you with tales of his relationship with different kinds of women. He also reveals how typical of a man he is as he tells how he didn’t want to be trapped by any woman when he was younger, and why he was two-timing some of his girlfriends. He wrote this book as a guide for finding the right kind of man. If you wish to find out more and if you wish to learn what kind of man you have, then start flipping the pages.’

He always aspired to be an author and he saw it was an outlet to express himself and share his story. After his first book was published he found a new appreciation for other authors and their ability to create something people enjoy and hopefully never take for granted.

He hopes to not only educate young men about accepting responsibility for themselves, but he also wants to motivate them to do better for themselves, but also for their families.  He’s currently working on a book Entitled ‘The Motivation: If I can do it. There’s no excuse!” Due this summer.

When it comes to literature the first book that caught his attention was ‘Secrets of the World Class’ by Steve Siebold. One of his favorite quotes is one of his own quotes. ‘Life is a Journey, but you determine which route you will take.”

In ‘All Men Tell Lies’ he feels he didn’t give us everything he wanted to give. “I like to call it my scribble scrabble because I was honestly so excited to put a book out I didn’t care about the structure or anything.” he said, but don’t worry because in the 2nd Edition he said, “ I sat down with a professional editor, took time to create a great story with dynamic characters and produce a book so great it exceeded my expectations.”

Recently he created a motivation calendar with a friend and photographer which has been named ‘The LZ Collection’. He firmly believes that social media played a huge role in his success. “Anyone who says that social media doesn’t play a role in their success they’re not utilizing it to their advantage.”

He prides himself on being ‘ just a guy who happen to become an author.’


You can find more from Maverick Ice at @IAmMaverickIce on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat you can also visit his website


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