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Nurse.Author.Wife & Mother Nicole Thomas @NicoleThomasINC

“I literally hated it and for the life of me couldn’t understand why. I was working in one of the MOST respected professions that many people aspire to be a part of, but I wasn’t fulfilled.”


We got the opportunity to speak with a true QUEEN in every sense of the word. The HNIC (Head Nurse In Charge) Mrs. Nicole Thomas. Her journey in nursing is great in itself, but what she’s done since the beginning is ground breaking, earth shaking, and IMPACTFUL for nurses and medical professionals combined.

It all started when she was a high school student and a teacher said, “Nicole, We’re starting a medical magnet program here and I think you should apply.” She soon applied and quickly got accepted. She loved the experience and said, “ I knew then I would be a nurse.” 

A few years had passed and she started growing frustrated with her professional career as a nurse. “I literally hated it and for the life of me couldn’t understand why. I was working in one of the MOST respected professions that many people aspire to be a part of, but I wasn’t fulfilled.” She thought about walking away, but God wasn’t allowing it. “ I finally surrendered one day and said, ‘ Okay God I give up, I need you to step in and guide me as a nurse and a person so that I may be fulfilled.’” From there nothing has stopped her.

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Now, We asked her about the depths of what she does because from our standpoint we never thought of nurses as having a brand and we asked her to explain it to us. She said, “ See that is one of the biggest problems. Nurses are looked at as just nurses when we are so much more. We are the ones that need to be fighting for healthcare laws, the people building needed community programs to address health care disparities in our communities, developing cures, developing technology, but many of us as nurses get placed in this box and stay in the 4 walls of a building when in reality it is so much bigger than that. So I feel that as nurses we need to really go beyond the chart and continue to build meaningful and impactful legacies for our profession and that is done by building a meaningful and impactful brand.”

We wanted to know about her program in her book ‘Purpose to Impact’ we asked for a teaser she said, “You must put in a lot of work to truly determine where you fit in as a healthcare professional in this arena. It is NOT an overnight process. Next, you have to say how do I take this purpose and help people, then and only then are people’s lives changed and affected in some manner by you, from there you are making an impact one person at a time. 

We saw a post about her being proud to walk in her own GREATNESS and to Walk Boldly. We asked her what that meant to her exactly. She said, “To walk boldly to me means to do things that make you think you yourself are crazy those things that you know for a fact God had to do it because little ole’ you are not capable of those type of things. That’s what gives God the glory and that’s what it’s all about.” 

Now, this book doesn’t just help nurses. This book is for anyone who is struggling to awaken the purpose in life that we all have and search for within our lives. She’s continually working towards living her Purpose Driven Life. “What God put me and only me here to do and to do that thing in my life daily. I’m a child of the King everything has to make room for ME.” 

Outside of herself, she’s inspired by many strong women and men in her life. ‘One of my favorites is Kandi Burrus you can love or hate her she still signifies BOLDNESS.’ 

It was obvious education is important to her and we wanted to know her advice for students and other ladies struggling with their studies. “ No Matter what don’t you DARE stop. I failed a semester in nursing school and thought my life was over, but GOD.” those two words ‘BUT GOD.’ can change anything in your life. God can open doors just as fast as he can close them. There was a purpose in that obstacle Nicole faced. That one semester is nothing but a memory to her now.


We often see a lot of post about ‘Black Girl Magic.’ we wanted to see if truly believed in the type of magic that only black girls can obtain or is it all in the character that has developed. She said, “Wow, That’s a deep question. I believe it’s a combination of both honestly. I can’t deny that there is power and strength in Black Girl Magic, but you have to have good character and substance to fully embrace it all.”

She’s currently working on her second book, some amazing self-paced courses, and a huge community health project for her community. When she’s not working you’ll find her hanging out with her husband and two daughters relaxing, eating hot wings and watching a little bit of reality TV. Although she admits there’s rarely a time that she’s not working on something!

We always ask are there any quotes, or verses that help her through her journey she said, “I feel like the quote and verse queen! My Favorite is John 16:33 ‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may take peace. In this life, you will have trouble but take heart. I have overcome the world.” 

You can find her on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @NicoleThomasINC and visit for more on her books and other projects!

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