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Our Interview with Actor ‘Tre Jaye’ @TheRealTreJaye

700 (1)When deciding a career path Tre Jaye didn’t have to go far to realize he wanted to be an actor. His mother is one of the South’s Greatest Playwright when he was just 4 years old he got his start. “She chose me to act as the Little Drummer Boy in her rendition of the play. As I entered the room beating my drum, everyone was smiling and faces glowed as I walked through the aisle to the stage.” 

He started off as the Minister of Music in several churches, he also played baseball and football throughout his high school and college years. “ I still hit the batting cages every now & then to keep in shape. I have found that tennis which is a sport my dad and I share has become my new favorite sport outside of baseball.”

Sports played a major role in his career thus far. ‘Sports has taught me Perseverance – turning failures into gains. I will always push harder than the next because I have many odds stacked against me. I will never use that as a crutch but I will turn it into determination.” 

His mother is a true inspiration to him they way he talks about her makes us proud of the man she has raised, “ From the time I was able to retain who my mom was, I have loved this lady for everything she is – She Is Superwoman. My mom is my prayer partner, my pastor, my best friend, and most of all my mom. When I was younger she was my boy Scout Troop Leader and Baseball Coach.” He admits that their relationship has had some bumps in the road, but he appreciates every lesson she’s taught him. “I love her for every punishment she gave because I know I wouldn’t be on this path to success without her strong parenting.” He said today their relationship is strong like Gorilla Glue. Though he doesn’t live close to home he loves that when he’s with her it’s like they were never apart.

He recently made his first appearance in a motion picture on the series ‘GreenLeaf’ “Greenleaf, was my transition period. Being able to work along with such a phenomenally season cast was extremely breathtaking. Being in the presence of Keith David and Lynn Whitfield, I was simply astonished but being able to see them live and in action was even more motivating. David and Whitfield take their Art extremely serious, their professionalism on set was impeccable.” His role in the movie as one of the Police officers in uniform during the first season.

He was also a stand-in for Clifton Powell in ‘All Eyez On Me’ “ Clifton is someone I can truly relate to – he reminds me of one of my Uncles, lots of fun, but when he gets serious you know it’s time for business. I don’t know much about Benny Boom but from the way he directed this Film it’s definitely going to receive awards, Benny Boom is definitely talented.”

His goals for his career in acting is to show African American Young Men and Women off all communities it’s not about their sexual orientation and it’s not about their disabilities that are limiting them but it’s their negative perspective that limits their ability to excel at a higher level. “I would love to host my own Talk Show that will enable the younger generation to tune in and see positive Celebrities who are young and those that are able to relate who have succeeded pass their obstacle.”

If the opportunity presented itself he would love to work with Shonda Rhimes, Mona Scott Young, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels.

“I consider myself to be a Shonda Rhimes Fanatic. I love Mona Scott Young, I indulge in Tyler Perry’s works and I feel like a Lee Daniels Extremist. If I could work with any Co-Star it would be Viola Davis hands down.” 

When it comes to his most welcoming qualities we can agree that his smile is huge. “I believe my imagination, and my open mindedness makes me one of the more welcoming individuals people will ever meet. It has helped me mesh well with different cultures and numerous individuals from all walks of life.” 

When he’s able to relax you’ll find him sipping on some white wine, taking in a gorgeous sunset view possibly eating Salmon or Shrimp Teriyaki with some Grilled veggies and Roasted potatoes.


When he’s lost you’ll often find him praying and seeking God for direction and possibly face timing his mom for inspiration.

His favorite quote is by Oprah Winfrey “But thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have you will never, ever have enough.”


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