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Our Interview with DJ CinCin with @OpenTalk2

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We had the opportunity to interview HipHop DJ Cin Cin from Houston Texas.

Encouraged by her parents and Influenced by artist like Lil’ Jon, Mystical, TI and MC Lyte she’s on the road to achieving all her dreams one track at a time.

She practices constantly balancing life and other responsibilities by putting God first and allowing everything else to fall into place with her families support.

When it comes to guilty pleasures you’ll find her with Pepsi, Pizza, and watching Love & Hip Hop. ‘I cut everything off so I can indulge in Love & Hip Hop.’

We asked her ‘What was the first song you memorized word for word?’ She answered

‘Ghetto Boyz – Mind Playing Tricks On Me!”

If we stole her iPod right now we’d find a mixture of Kanye, Jay-z, Remy Ma, Nick Minaj, and Drake.


She’d love the opportunity to work with Drake or Chris Brown musically. She feels that music currently is focused on quantity vs. Quality. “ As an independent artist, we have the platform to explore and be creative with our unique styles.”

She’s currently working on New Music, Videos, and a Reality Television Project.

Stay tuned to hear more from her in the future! You’ll be able to find her on

Twitter at @OpenTalk2 and for




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