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Our Interview with @Nick_Alligood


We had the privilege to interview Mr. Nick Alligood an artist from Albany, Georgia, but currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

‘Achy Breaky Heart’ by Billy Ray Cyrus was the first song he knew word for word. “My grandmother use to call all of her friends to her house, and have me ‘perform’ it in front of them with a little headset microphone, a toy guitar, wearing some red cowboy boots her neighbor bought me.”

As he got older he saw himself as more of a drummer or frontman for a metal or punk rock band. “I grew listening to everything from Metallica, Backstreet Boys, Nelly, and Asking Alexandria. I think every song or artist I’ve listened to has influenced my career in some way.”

Now he falls into the category of ‘Modern Country,’ but he says “ I feel like my music has a little bit of everything in it. I’ve written a few traditional country songs, some pop, and some that have more of a rock feel.” He’s currently working on his new Album which he says, “My New album will definitely show my roots with some modern production backing it up.”

He’s toured on his own for the past two years. He’s played in 30 states and has opened up for several artists like Jerrod Niemann, Eric Paslay, Big and Rich, Easton Corbin, Blackhawk and more. When we asked him which show has been his favorite so far he said, “ I was with Eric Paslay in Denver, Colorado at the Grizzly Rose. It was freezing cold outside, but close to 2,000 people showed up and rocked with us!”


We asked him how he balances his music career with his other obligations. He was honest and told us, “It’s tough, most of my friends are in the industry so we all help each other balance things out. My girlfriend helps me more than anyone. She’s always there to keep my head on straight, calm my nerves and motivate me.”

We asked if we stole his iPod right now what would we find on his playlist and he said, “ Right now you’ll hear a ton of my friend’s music mixed with rap, rock, and pop. I enjoy everything from Luke Combs, Muscadine Bloodline, Future, NF, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

If he could collaborate with anyone he said, “ None other than Carrie Underwood.” He’s spent the past year writing for other artists, but thankfully he’s saved a few songs for himself!

When he’s not working on his music you’ll find him watching CMT’s Nashville with his girlfriend, and enjoying some of his other favorites like his mom’s chicken & Dumplings, pizza, wings, ranch dressing, Root Beer and Jack Daniel’s.

You can find more from Nick Alligood on Twitter and Instagram: @Nick_Alligood




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