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Our Interview with stylist Shatora Adrell Irby @Shatora.Adrell

We had the pleasure of speaking with the supreme fashionista Shatora Adrell Irby. She’s originally from Greer, South Carolina, but currently based in Los Angeles, California.



We had the pleasure of speaking with the supreme fashionista Shatora Adrell Irby. She’s originally from Greer, South Carolina, but currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Fashion was around her constantly growing up ‘Every Saturday morning my mom would watch Fashion Shows and I would roll my eyes, but you see Karma worked it out for the best!” She considers her mother to be one of her biggest fashion inspirations.

We asked her about a few individuals she’s worked with and she said, “I’ve worked with a long list, but some of my favorites would have to be Kylie Bunbury, Skai Jackson, V. Bozeman, Antonique Smith, Wendy Raquel, Courtney Halverson, Brenda Song, Jessica Reedy and I’ve assisted with Beyonce.” (Queen Bee? Hello!!!)

We wanted to know how does she stay updated on the current trends and she said, “Style is an Art; It is a feeling; Style is an expression. Art is everywhere. Staying up with the current trends sometimes requires a lot of studying and researching. Sometimes it requires recreating what has already been done, but putting your twist on it. So there’s no right or wrong answer to this question.”

She considers being a stylist her dream drop. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. I can only get better!” She’s planning on traveling more with her career, going on tours with artist for for the ultimate experience. “I would eventually like to open my own intimate boutique on Rodeo Dr.”

Her stylist inspirations are Maeve Reilly and April Roomet. She feels that aspiring stylist should, “Keep working hard and updating your portfolio – success only comes to those who are consistent and persistent.”

We asked, “What are your three top things in your styling kit.” She said, Safety Pins, Top Stick and Needle and Thread are a MUST.”

We wanted to play a game with her just to make the interview interesting. We decided to let Shatora finish our sentences.

When I get dressed in the morning I think…. “FOOD!”

The item of clothing or accessory I wear most often is… “Rings!”

When it comes to managing stress… “I TAKE A TIMEOUT THEN CALL MY MOTHER!” (We kind of agree with this one. Momma is always the one we call too!)

The Up-and-coming designers I’m most excited about are… “Any Designers; Meaning I’m excited about designers, designing and putting their best foot forward and doing what they have to do to get where they want to go”

What’s the one Electronic you can’t live without? “My Phone!”

The last thing I googled is…”1994 Trends”

My Guilty Pleasure is… “CINNAMON TWISTS from Taco Bell. I feel a little judged! *Laughs*

No judgement from anyone on our team. We’re addicted to tacos and anything taco adjacent.

This last question she didn’t want to answer, but we figured we’d throw our own nominee in the box.

The Celebrity most in need of a fashion makeover is… We nominate Cam Newton for 500 Alex. #PettyPoints

She’s currently working with the Stellar awards as well as a Documentary about the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.

We asked her one final question. ‘What do you think people should know about you?’

“ I am the pettiest (in a good way) person you will ever meet. My facial expression tells all; most importantly, I love to have fun everywhere I go. I love laughter and positivity. I’m also a member of the illustrious sorority, “Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. of Pasadena Alumnae Chapter.”

For more from Shatora visit

Instagram: @Shatora.Adrell

Facebook : Shatora Adrell Irby


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