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Mandisa ‘Out of the Dark’ @MandisaOfficial #NewMusic #MustHaveMusic

We got the amazing opportunity to review Mandisa’s newest album ‘Out Of The Dark’ let me tell you. We are HUGE fans we’re not going to say who, but one of our team members started crying with excitement.


Life is never easy. And that painful truth hit home for Mandisa with blunt force during the last three years. While fans and industry professionals wondered where the Grammy winning singer had disappeared to, Mandisa silently withdrew from the spotlight and was even hiding from family and friends.  She had watched a dear friend lose her battle with breast cancer, leaving behind a husband and two young sons.  Suddenly, the world didn’t seem to make sense anymore.  Reeling from the pain, she isolated herself from everyone, gained back the weight she had fought so hard to lose, and sank into a deep depression.

“To be honest, that’s not how I thought things were going to happen,” she says of her friend Kisha’s passing. “I just shut down, isolated, and started turning to my old friend food for comfort.  My loved ones were reaching out and I would ignore their phone calls and text messages. It got to the point where I had friends who, out of love and concern, came to my house banging on the door and I just put in some ear plugs and pretended I wasn’t there. I was angry at the world.”

Yet inside Mandisa was still the same woman who had encouraged a multitude of people from all walks of life with the triumphant hit anthem “Overcomer.”  “I still don’t have all the answers, but I’m in a better place now,” says Mandisa, who is working on her sixth album, due in May 2017.

These days she has more to say than ever.  One of the turning points in her battle with depression came when a circle of friends sought her out at a movie theater. When Mandisa walked out of the theater, she was surprised to see her car papered with stick-it notes from friends proclaiming their love and concern for her. This shocking sight was followed by her awareness that these friends had been sitting in the parking lot waiting for her for over three hours. The resulting “intervention” convinced her to go to counseling to deal with her grief, and helped bring Mandisa back from the darkness that had enveloped her since Kisha’s death.

Mandisa is back with a renewed passion for her music and a willingness to be totally transparent and vulnerable about her journey.  She’s reconnecting with people, losing the weight she regained during her depression, and writing and recording such potent songs as “Prove Me Wrong” where she lays bare her soul and voices her questions, “I’m Still Here (The Best is Yet to Come),” a comeback song that proclaims that she’s still here and not giving up and “Unfinished,” saying…

“Not scared to say it; I used to be the one; Preaching it to you; That you could overcome; I still believe it; But it ain’t easy; Cause that world I painted; Where things just all work out; It started changing; And I started having doubts; And it got me so down”

“My hope is that people will be on this journey with me,” she says. “When I began, I was in a really dark place, but where I am today is so much better and so much lighter!”

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.03.27 PM

We got the amazing opportunity to review Mandisa’s newest album ‘Out Of The Dark’ let me tell you. We are HUGE fans we’re not going to say who, but one of our team members started crying with excitement.

Her music is always proven passionate by her powerful vocals. We hear her story every time she sings a song. We absolutely love the story of her testimony about how God brought her out of her own personal darkness and thankful that God has allowed her to speak to us through it.

Most albums you might like 3-4 songs we can honestly admit you’ll fall in love with every song and hear her testimony in every interlude, and voice recording in between. This is one album you have to listen to from start to finish.

‘Voicemail Intro’

You’ll hear a series of voicemails from friends and family who reached out to Mandisa during the beginning of her depression.

You hear of grand jesters for romance and love and trust me her friends did just that when they notice their friend withdrawing from the world around her.

‘I’m Still Here’

She reminds us all that she’s still here. She’s coming back ultimately by the grace of God.

‘Out of The Dark’

Her Title Track will have you dancing to the smooth & funky beat of the music. Praising God for pulling her out of the dark.

‘ Unfinished’

her Lead Single unfinished reminds us all that God is unfinished with not only her but ourselves.   Reminding us though we’re doubting and though life isn’t easy God is still working his masterpiece.

‘Bleed The Same’ Feat. Kirk Franklin & TobyMac

Mandisa joins with Kirk Franklin & TobyMac reminding people we need to speak out and to make each other accountable for each other. To pray and join together for healing during the time where others wish to stand divided we should stand together.

‘Come Back Kid’

Reminding us all we can all come back from whatever held us back. We’ve all be an underdog at some point in our lives. This is our Anthem as we’re rising back to the top.

‘What You’re Worth’ Feat. Britt Nicole

These powerhouse ladies reminding us that we’re here to fight and stand up showing everyone what we’re worth. Reminding us to stand out in the crowd.

‘Dear John Praise Report’
We’re not going to tell you about it, but trust you’re going to be praising God too.

‘Good News’

When you hear good news you can’t help, but dance and praise God for everything he’s done and TELL EVERYBODY.

‘Prove Me Wrong’

This song broke our hearts. We’ve all had those moments where we questioned God and why he allowed things to happen. She’s telling her very personal story about losing a very close friend.

‘MothDisa Interlude’

Prepare to laugh right after she breaks your heart. Thankfully we completely understand the story and love the way she turned things around.

‘The One He Speaks Through’

Mandisa takes us through a journey of different scenarios of everyday events opening our minds and our hearts to remind us that often time God uses us and speaks through us.


The Title says it all reminding you it’s your time to shine from the inside out.

‘My First Love’ feat. Jeremy Camp

Remember the feeling you had when you first accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior? Mandisa here Wanting to go back to where it all began with her walk with Jesus Christ.

‘Shame Off’

Taking the step to remove the shame she felt in her life and replacing it with grace. The Grace only God can give.

‘Keep Getting Up’

When we fall it’s sometimes a struggle to get back up again, but this song reminds us that God is patient and kind. Reminding us that the Battle is ALREADY WON. As long as we ‘Keep Getting Up’

‘Back to Life’

Feeling faithful she leave us by telling us she’s coming back to life through Jesus Christ.

We can not think of the words to encourage you to GET this album and have a copy in your car, the house, the attic, the closet where ever you are GET your copy of ‘Out of the Dark’ go ahead and get the Deluxe Edition while you’re at it!


Check out Some videos here:


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