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Our Interview with the Domestic Queen V. Taybron of @SavorV

Rolling Out, Huff Post, and Centric TV love our desserts because it's the cupcake that lands on your doorstep. blog resources are for domestic queens everywhere. Teaching you ways to organize your closet, make a fun holiday project with the kids, and bake a cherry pie without breaking a sweat!


V. Taybron is a native San Franciscan and serial entrepreneur residing in Atlanta. She found her calling in 2013 when she created an online resource for women in the domestic arts. Mostly known for tasty desserts, this online hub and bakery quickly gained the attention of many.

She is also the creator of which is an online program that allows entrepreneurs to keep God in their business by offering meditation, prayer, and resources for entrepreneurs to increase their brands online. Most recently she co-founded a web design studio that provides creative solutions for business needs.

V. Taybron has become the representative for women who desire to balance their dreams, career, and family. Shining light on the modern day woman with a vintage soul. V. Taybron has been featured on Rolling Out, Centric TV, The Huffington Post, Sheen Magazine, Jet Magazine, and more. V. Taybron is a glowing example that with God and hard work, you can have it all.

Let’s talk about SavorV:

Created in June of 2013 is the nation’s fastest growing online bakery. Here it’s all about the Desserts & Domestic Queens. This online bakery and blog is home to some old fashioned f avorites like Banana Pudding, Wondrous Red Velvet, and Snickety Snickerdoodle.


Rolling Out, Huff Post, and Centric TV love our desserts because it’s the cupcake that lands on your doorstep. blog resources are for domestic queens everywhere. Teaching you ways to organize your closet, make a fun holiday project with the kids, and bake a cherry pie without breaking a sweat!

Checkout to learn more.


When asked about her journey to success V. Said, “ The journey to success started years ago. I believe everything in life prepares you for your purpose. When I was a young girl, my grandmother Annie Ruth would cook everyday. People knew her for her delicious tea cakes. She would select all of her ingredients and sing to me while baking. 

One day she grabbed a milk carton for me to stand on and it was love at first sight. I discovered that I could take simple ingredients in its natural form and create something that people loved. My grandmother would bake these tea cakes and people would sing her praises. In my little mind I assessed that she made people happy through the food she created. It was then that I knew it was something I wanted to do as well. When she passed I felt as though our cooking time passed with her and it took someone to come and revive that feeling for me. 

That person for me was my stepmother Gail Taybron. She loved to cook and always made meals for my Dad and me. It was then that I knew I wanted to serve my family one day. One day I received an invitation from my stepmother to cook. I was beyond excited and I learned how to bake cornbread from scratch all by myself. After that I graduated to baked chicken and soon I tried to take over the meal prep and planning. 

She revived that feeling that I thought was lost when my grandmother passed. It was this wonderful, happy, ultra feminine feeling of being a woman in the kitchen. By the time they sent me off to college I was cooking everything. I quickly became known for cooking food. I realized that people would pay me for my knowledge of food, the home, and family. That’s how SaVor V was born. It’s a labor of love because it started years ago in the home with the women that I love and admire.” 

When asked how does she balance her life and her career she said, “ Balance has never been a big issue for me because I realized that everything is just one part of my life that makes it whole. My family is one part of my life; friendship, romance, and work is another. I give a piece of me to each but I give the most to myself. If I’m not happy internally then I can’t give you anything worthwhile. My first order of business everyday is my mind and spirit. I spend more time working on myself than anything else. I think everyone should turn off their phone at least once a day to focus on themselves. This keeps me balanced.” 

When baking she reminds herself that her products are ‘Made from scratch and produced with love.’ “Every time you encounter a SaVor V product it’s an extension of my heart. Every recipe I create, is created with love and passion.” 

Please be sure to check out SaVorV and all things V. Taybron on Social Media.

Twitter & Instagram @SaVorV


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