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Currently, his single ‘I Ain’t Come to Love You’ featuring Omega R., which was produced by ‘The Keyz’ an upcoming production team. We also got the pleasure of being the FIRST  to hear that he’s currently working on an album right now.

Tejai Moore

Over many years, Tejai Moore has shown that he has a strong drive and passion for his craft and future. Multi-genre Singer-songwriter Tejai Moore has penned newest single of one of London, UK’s rising stars, Curtis Moore. Most may remember Curtis Moore from the hit TV show X-Factor. The single is called “Lipstick” (featuring Scorcher) and has impacted on major radio stations internationally. The record had reached #4 on the UK charts (Urban Top 30 category). Since then, Tejai has co-written a song for Cash Money Records R&B artist Jacquees, entitled “One in A Million”, also has been granted official opportunities to song-write for Fifth Harmony and also Taylor Swift on unreleased records, Ronja Hilbig (of the European super-group Queensberry), Effie, Rough Copy, and many others worldwide all while simultaneously pursuing his career as an artist.

Before opportunities like this became more than a dream, Tejai Moore was born on July 20, 1986, in Miami, Florida grew up all over the world from overseas back to the states, and due to being a “military brat”, graduated high school and began strong musical aspirations in Germany. Due to in-taking and being exposed to several different cultures daily, Tejai’s music and appeal has no choice but to display unique personality.

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Tejai Moore was introduced to the music industry first as “Lil T” in a frostbitten 2002 winter of Germany. Fast forward to early 2006 in Munich, Germany, Tejai had the opportunity to share the stage with former group members of B2k and BadBoy Records Recording artist Loon along with other accomplishments. He has since then performed/opened alongside Jagged Edge, B.o.B, Migos, Machine Gun Kelly, Swazy Baby, Sean Kingston, Trina, Young Dro, Travis Porter, Roscoe Dash, DJ Unk, J-Dash, Verse Simmonds, GS Boyz, & More.

Once relocated back to America to pursue a musical career In 2007, Tejai had the opportunities to work on records with major artists like Jagged Edge as well as major producers like KE on the Track, which created an authentic Tejai Moore sound and image. At the end of 2008, he was signed under the GS Boyz, most known for their songs “Stanky Legg” & “Booty Dew”, who were at the time signed to Yung Joc’s Swagg Team label imprint {under Bad Boy Records).  The GS Boyz group soon went their separate ways which also severed Tejai’s “situation” before he received his “shot” at televised success.

Now, we asked him about his career thus far as a writer we asked him what it was like writing for so many artists over the world he said, “It’s a feeling I can not explain; a feeling that I once only dreamt of. It’s special.” We learned that he’s worked on projects with Artist like Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony and Pitbull ‘behind the scenes’ ‘The opportunity in itself is a blessing. Everything is predestined so it is out of my control once I do my part. I work hard behind the scenes. I was raised with discipline and I practice it, still to this day. I aim to do what I should rather anyone is ‘looking’ or not that’s brought me many huge official opportunities and blessings in my journey, in my career.”

He’s lived in Miami, Germany, and Atlanta we asked him what he loved the most about those places he said, “I love Miami, there’s where I was born and a majority of my family is as well. I Love Germany because that’s where I was raised and began my career; it opened my eyes to a lot of things that can not be bought. I love Atlanta because I mean.. It’s ATLANTA.”

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Tejai is currently a single father, but he’s one of the best for sure. “It isn’t easy being a single father. It makes me stronger and more focused than anyone could imagine because everything that I do is not for myself. It is for my son and also for my daughter. It showed me a lot about myself and my will-power, and I convert that into my career.”

Tejai is open about his faith which we absolutely love. He said, “ Faith in God is the only reason I am where I am. So many things I have done/am doing would be impossible if it weren’t for Faith and Belief, the verb not the noun. Faith is everything to me I don’t know where I would be right now without truly having it.” God’s timing is also important in his life. “ Everything is predestined and I have no control over it. Honestly, I would rather be known for both writing a song that’s topping the charts and having a song of my own on the top of the charts. I enjoy both for different reasons. One may be more acknowledged than the other (per opinion), but the day will come where things even out.”

Currently, his single ‘I Ain’t Come to Love You’ featuring Omega R., which was produced by ‘The Keyz’ an upcoming production team. We also got the pleasure of being the FIRST  to hear that he’s currently working on an album right now. “It’s going so well and is feeling by best work thus far. I also now  have a Company/Label of my own by the name of Moore Muzik with some great artist and producers on the roster like Midway Skies a pop, punk rock band, Lerumo an EDM artist and Jay-Mo Dejon a producer that works with various genres. We’re excited to hear about this news and even more excited to hopefully feature them in a future issue! “A lot is going on right now above and even more behind the scenes.”

We asked if he could change anything in the music industry what would it be? He said, “I would change how political things are. I wouldn’t make it a non-political because business is business and rankings, standings, positions should matter, but some things are ridiculous to me. Not FOR me because I am blessed to be in a certain position at this point through Faith and hard work, but there are some really talented people in the World who many not have the strength to put in 15 years thus far like I have. They deserve a shot, and that is what Moore Muzik is about. We are much MOORE into the Muzik who deserve it. I won’t be able to reach every single person who does, but I/my company will do right by those we do have aboard now and in the future. We will break ground in the industry and build a Kingdom for the right reasons.” We wanted to know who Tejai Moore is to himself He, “I Am a father, a singer, songwriter, producer, and someone who never gave up on myself when others did.”

We wanted to know what he enjoys while working so we asked what are his favorite go-to items while in the studio he said, “I really only like to have water. I’ve never gotten into the snacks, and food, and certain drinks while working. I don’t eat until I deserve to, and that’s when the work is done.” He’s planning on continuing to grow towards his peak, “I want to continue to fulfill my reasons, and just motivate and inspire others as I move upward in my purpose. I am looking forward to touring really soon, internationally. I love being on stage and looking new fans in the eyes. The connect is so real.”

When he’s not working you’ll honestly find him somewhere thinking about work or enjoying time with his children often times you’ll find him praying and analyzing as well. When it comes to food making him happy is easy. “I’m happy with just a hamburger and fries. Simple and plain.”

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  1. That’s my dog! I meant my son, Lol. I see you shining son. Shine bright like a diamond, but borrowing from one of the highlighted takeaways of our most recent enriched father to son conversation compacted with enlightenment and mentorship, always remain humble, in which I have no doubt you will. Yet, most of all do it all unto the Lord! I love you son.

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