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We spoke to Music Mogul Mark Spratley – @SpratFool

We’ve got an opportunity to speak to a man who hasn’t met a position in the music industry that he hasn’t found success in.


We’ve got an opportunity to speak to a man who hasn’t met a position in the music industry that he hasn’t found success in. We got to speak with Mr. Mark Spratley he’s worked in Publishing, Management, and as a writer in the music industry. We wanted to know what drew him to music and he said, “Music is involved in everything I do, it’s been an outlet or vibe for everything in life. I have always been interested in creating an empire or franchise, whether it be in a video game or real life. I realized what I needed to do in order to create/have what I want and I’m doing just that.”

He’s always giving free advice to an artist and aspiring music managers and branding specialist on social media, but his biggest piece of advice he says, “Never stop learning. Relationship are worth more than the dollar.” He’s worked with many great artists in his career. “Moguls that I grew up watching kill the game are on the phone with me discussing power moves or in my email plotting, that’s crazy to me.” He’s had the opportunity to take shots with the Ying Yang Twins, and Collipark after an event he hosted in a school turned music venue they attended as kids. “Having Post Malone out at SXSW on the very first Legally Loud, no one knowing who exactly he was but the crowd went absolutely crazy the 4 times he performed ‘White Iverson’ and the rest is history with that record.”

He’s had memorable moments throwing Capital Steez last show every with the Underachievers, Joey BadAss & more in Brooklyn when no one really knew of them. (Rest In Power). “These moments right here are so powerful and have created lasting memories not just for me but others, that’s dope.”

We asked how he felt about record deals vs. independent artist. he said, “I believe in going as far as you can independent until you truly need that label for particular matters. Every artist I work with is going to create attention from the masses and labels immediately. Moving over to the label once again comes down to what the artist needs are.”

Through his journey, he’s learned a lot of hard lessons he said, “Have or get paperwork for everything no matter what, nobody is loyal in this industry and most are real. This is strictly business.”


He’s an Empire Rising “The work is being put in, pay attention, simple as that. I have 1000 moves going on in my head at all times, much is to come.” LoudPackFile and LoudPackLegions will be launching soon. He’ll still be putting together shows at various venues, tours, and more. “All the artists I work with have something for everyone. I highly suggestion paying attention to any artist I’ve ever put you on or support personally.”

He works 20/7, lots of phone calls and spouts of meditation in between to keep up with him on social media


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