Interview with Recording Artist ‘Tuesday Knight’ – @TuesdayKnight_S

"We had the opportunity to speak to recording artist Tuesday Knight from Westchester, New York. Influenced by recording artists like Nas, Kanye West, Jay-Z and J. Cole, Tuesday Knight has created his own brand of hip-hop."

The walls of classrooms are too easy. The pace of corporate is too confining. For Shane Jackson, thoughts of remaining in a white-collar world meant choosing to stay limited. It meant deciding to stifle creativity. Tuesday Knight, however, wanted to climax, wanted to rise as a star and reach new heights. Shane Jackson, an Ivy Leaguer and Wall Street future mogul in the making changed paths and took the road that for some meant uncertainty. For Tuesday Knight though, it meant freedom, something worth much more.


Songwriting and making beats has become the new portfolio of choice for Tuesday. At 26, Tuesday Knight is mixing metaphors, and rhythm for a new brand of hip-hop. He is merging intelligence and street knowledge. To a trained and well-seasoned hip hop head, you make think of Nas or Jay-Z but know that Tuesday will smile at the compliment, but be motivated to be better and to press forward.

Allow yourself to enjoy the twists and turns of becoming a man. A man with a vision, heart, and who possesses love. This love is captured in the essence of a woman; however, the reality is that this man’s love and how he chooses to express this love, is through hip-hop. Enjoy a freestyle that exposes relationships (metaphorically pop culture) for its faults, and the love and hate relationship between music and the perils of the industry. Take the journey along with Tuesday as he explains the trials and hardships of having two loves, being minimally emotionally available to both, and ultimately making the choice of commitment to his one and only.

We had the opportunity to speak to recording artist Tuesday Knight from Westchester, New York.  Influenced by recording artists like Nas, Kanye West, Jay-Z and J. Cole, Tuesday Knight has created his own brand of hip-hop.

Nas’ hit ‘the Message’ was the first song that really caught his attention as he quoted it word for word at the age of six. His music is one of his greatest passions, but he admits he really doesn’t make much time for anything else. “ I’m constantly thinking of rhymes in my head 24/7 everything I experience I try to turn into music so it’s constantly going. I could be hanging out with my friends or alone trying to relax but I still write songs in my head until they’re fully built then make time to record them.” He’s performed in places like the Ghetto Gala hosted by his friend ‘Big Mont’ in his hometown.

He spends a lot of time listening to underground music “I listen to discover weekly playlist and other similar playlists to hear the new refreshing music. I rarely listen to mainstream Hip-hop, just feel most of it is so watered down recently. It’s uninspired mostly to record labels pushing their agenda and trying to make fast and easy money. It’s losing its creativity to cookie cutter songs with quick results.” Outside of his music, he looks up to people like LeBron James, former President Obama as well as his parents. He admits when he’s excited about a project the first person on his call list is friends Big Mont or Dan.

When he’s not working on his music you’ll find him watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Maybe enjoying some Pizza or a fruit punch Snapple. When he’s having a rough day he can rely on his music to lift his spirits.

If he could collaborate with any artist it would be Kanye West ‘He could kill the production and also feature on a verse. I also feel he’s the most creative artist today.”

He’s currently working on lots of music admitting “I’m not exactly sure where they’re going to go just yet.” We’re hoping he’ll find an album or 5 to share his story with us.


Check out his newest music video below and check out more of his music at


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