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J. Adam Broome ‘Let It Rain’ Video Premiere & Interview #LetItRain

“I’ve struggled with generalized anxiety and clinical depression on and off for close to 10 years. April of last year I hit rock bottom emotionally and spiritually. I had begun self-medicating or really just numbing myself with alcohol and I found myself in a position with no hope whatsoever."

We had the opportunity to speak with recording Artist J. Adam Broome from South Carolina. He took the opportunity to share with us his story and testimony. Check it out. He’s a proud former marine and said, “The Marines definitely instilled disciple and honor values into my life that have carried over and helped me not only in my career but my personal life as well. The Marine Corps is a brotherhood that you never lose. It’s also helped me with personal relationship skills and standing in a leadership role.”

“I’ve struggled with generalized anxiety and clinical depression on and off for close to 10 years. April of last year I hit rock bottom emotionally and spiritually. I had begun self-medicating or really just numbing myself with alcohol and I found myself in a position with no hope whatsoever.”

Long story short my dad showed up at my apartment unexpectedly and at the time I was honestly considering suicide. He put his arms around me and asked if I was okay. I have no idea how or if he knew that things were really bad that night. He saved my life. He asked me if I was at the point where I was willing to get some help.

I agreed to do whatever was necessary to get my life back together. I joined an extensive inpatient program that deals with men & women who battle life dominating issues, I stayed in that program for 12 months. I’ve never experienced the kind of healing and growth that I had the opportunity to experience in that whole process.”

Wow, we’re so thankful God allowed his father to step in right on time! We’re thankful God works in mysterious but great ways.

We started talking about the music and where Adam got his start he said, “ Believe it or not I was kind of forced into music. I grew up playing and singing in church as a teenager, but never took it serious until the past few years. A Friend booked me an acoustic show at a small bar in my hometown and asked me to just try it one time. I think every friend I’ve ever had showed up that night and I’ve been hooked on music ever since.”

He gained a lot of his success through social media video shares, tweets and more. We asked if the social media ever got overwhelming he said, “ I wouldn’t say social media has ever been overwhelming for me. I use to get distracted on twitter with my old account, but as an artist, you have to learn to put your phone down and go to work when you need to go to work. What has been overwhelming for me is the amount of support and loyalty shown as I’ve been through the struggles that I’ve been through this past year or so. Obviously, I went a good while without access to social media, but recently my fan base is stronger now than ever.”

His relationship with God has grown obviously through his life experiences Adam said, “ My relationship with God is my life. I don’t understand how some people make it without it. I’ve accepted the fact that HE chose me and that I’m utterly DEPENDENT on him, and that’s just how it is with me. I don’t judge or think differently of anyone who isn’t that way, it’s just that it’s the only way I can be successful as a father, son, brother, friend and more.”

When it comes his bad days he’s consistently praying, reading, writing and repeating that process until things turn around or until it turns into a new song. “I’ve always been a writer who doesn’t try to force anything, so when it comes, it comes. If I’m in a co-write, it works a little different, but for the most part, I’ll get an idea and if I don’t have time at the moment, I’ll sketch it out in my phone or iPad and go back and revisit it when I can.” He doesn’t have any true habits when it comes to his music. He was honest and admitted, “Some of my songs have taken 6 months and some have taken 45 minutes. I let it flow when it’s ready to come out.”

When it comes to his personal life it doesn’t get any more special than his son his true inspiration for everything. He said, “ It’s so scary thinking about him because he’s the spitting image of me, but he really is such a great child. For the most part, I’m able to let him be himself and give him advice and wisdom that he can understand at 9 years old. He’s one of the smartest students in his grade at school and probably smarter than me. Everything that he’s seen me go through over the past 15 months has been a tough season for us both, but he has taught me so much with the little things he’s said and the simplicity of his unconditional love for me. I can train him on the football field and teach him little things like how to deal with situation and circumstances, but he teaches me so much more.

Lately, we’ve been seeing him reading ’31 prayers for my Future Wife’ that’s a partner book listing ’31 prayers for my future husband’ as well. He said Jennifer and Aaron are great – their views and insight on relationships are so full of grace and selflessness. I can’t wait to get married, so it’s been a fun learning to rest in the process of becoming the right one and waiting for the right one. They asked me to do a giveaway for some of their books recently so hopefully, others are going through it as well and learning how to love their future spouses.”

When he’s not working you’ll find him spending time in prayer or reading his Bible, watching Prison Break or enjoying time with family sipping on a nice cup of coffee.

Adam is leaving life by Isaiah 43:18-19 right now which says, “ Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. Se, I’m doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams and the wasteland.”


Adam is currently working on a 5 song EP scheduled to be released this fall – Check out his new single ‘Let It Rain’ below.




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